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D-Note - Shed My Skin - Laurent Wery Remix
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Laurent Wery Feat. Clarence - I'm Going In - Kelde Clubmix
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Laurent Wery Feat. Mr Shammi - Up 2 The Sky - Official Preview
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Laurent Wery Feat. Swiftkid - Hey Hey Hey 2011 - Official Video
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Laurent Wery Feat. Mr. Shammi - Up 2 The Sky - Official Video
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Laurent Wery - To Brazil - Official Cover Art - Football tune
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Laurent Wery feat. Swift K.I.D & Dev - Hey Hey Hey (Pop Another Bottle) - Official Video
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Laurent Wery Feat. Joss Mendosah - Ride Like The Wind - Official Teaser
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Laurent Wery
(House, Club, Dance)
Superstar DJ Laurent Wery is exclusively signed to TOP Entertainment. Number 1 in Spain (Maxima 51), Number 3 in Polish Airplay chart and about to hit worldwide with “Hey Hey Hey”.
The biggest commercial DJ in Belgium can be booked for just a few open dates in 2011. Check now!

Laurent was born in Aalst, Belgium, in 1975 and ever since he was a child, he has a passion for music.  Fascinated by the technology at the time and by records, he becoming DJ was rather inevitable.  At the age of 5 he even caused uproar in a department store just to get his very first record player.  He dedicated all his pocket money to records, every birthday present absolutely had to be some kind of audio equipment. “I was truly possessed by music and the phenomenon radio.  I definitely needed to know more about it.”

At the age of 14 he got the opportunity to edit commercials on a local radio stations and to mix non-stop programmes.  That allowed him to gain an insight into the technique and the story behind the radio.  But a small party where he first took place behind the turntable was the true eye-opener. “The audience that is listening, dancing and having fun on the music you play, really gives you an intense feeling of happiness.” Soon afterwards he was playing every Saturday in a student bar where he could eat his heart out experimenting.

When he was 17, he entered a large disco for the first time in his life. “An unforgettable experience, which really turned my world upside down.  I kept watching the DJ who was playing and perfectly controlling the crowd, full of admiration.”

Soon afterwards Laurent received all kinds of offers : company parties, student parties, clubs,…. Every night was different and therefore he also had to broaden his knowledge of the most diverse music genres. “I’ve always intended to play for an audience, to ensure the success of every single party.”

Laurent masters nearly every music style and as no other he knows how to make the crowd dance.  In the meanwhile he has built up an impressive record of leading club residences.

Since 2005 Laurent Wery is also involved in the production of mix cd’s. What’s next?