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Thomas Turner
(Commercial, House, Dance)
Thomas Turner is the Alter Ego and for Belgian producer/dj Tom Verswyvel. Also know for his more harder sidekick Project Not To Mention.

According to my parents, I already was mad about music, when I was only a few months old. Back then I watched Thriller by Michael Jackson fully concentrated. When I was just able to walk, I got my first guitar, much to my mothers annoyance. It wasnt very long before I discovered my fathers record player and tape recorder, much to his annoyance.

Throughout the years, music styles evoluated from disco to pop, from grunge rock to new beat and house. Yet I listened to all these styles, without a real preferences. As long as it sounded good. Thats still my opinion: I simply love well-produced music. After a long time of collecting and gathering knowledge, I thought to myself: I need to do something with this. And yes, as a 14 year old kid, I played for the first time on a party; and it went down well. After that, the ball started to roll…

When I was 16, I started playing at a youth home, shortly after I made my club debut at club Le Dome, where I played as a replacement. This way I got in touch with my good friend Christophe O, and I was his regular stand-in, when he couldnt play, at discotheque La Cassa. And I started doing more clubs, such as Vuile Was, Idefix, t Verschil, Veronica, Barcless, Parazaar, Appelmans, Keizer, Tequilla’s, The Link, Transit-east, Bar-a-bar, Mondial, La Rocca vip, D-club and Koning Oriand,Reflex,Nanno…

But spinning records wasnt the only thing I did. When I was 16, I bought a groovebox 303. I fully started experimenting with producing lots of experimental trance and techno,house, electro and I started to build out my own studio. I started delivering the first hits: check discography. Thats a short summary of my evolution as a dj/producer throughout the years. Hopefully I will be able to continue doing this for a long time.

At the moment you can check me on a regular basis at Rodins (Leuven).